Training, Little by Little.

I get many ads per week for seminars and webinars, I'm sure you do too.  There is a slight trend toward training for cooperative activities.  I watch for every movement toward cooperative behavior because I am positive that eventually the construction industry will move in that direction.  I hope with the advent of fabulous electronic project management control tools, we will be able to advance cooperation as quickly or faster than the bulk of the industry.  To accomplish that, training will be our main tool.  The following solicitation shows this activity.  It will be presented by the Judicial Council of California in September 2018 in Sacramento.  Note that we in the industry are still trying to prove that cooperation is somehow better.  Of course, it is better, we are the slowest of our species to embrace that. 


PARTNERING AND COLLABORATION presented by Judicial Council of California, September 2018

Today’s construction projects are made even more complex in an environment of sophisticated rules and requirements, amid ongoing scrutiny from the press and public. It is essential for those attempting to deliver a satisfactory project, let alone an award-winning one, to function at the highest level. 

Formal partnering in new construction and major remodels offers an opportunity to make projects stress free through a proven methodology that consistently delivers building projects:

  • under budget
  • ahead of schedule
  • with outstanding safety performance
  • with greatly increased project participant satisfaction
  • given award-winning stakeholder recognition


Formal partnering is a time-tested way to consistently deliver superior projects. Partnering can be implemented at very little expense, and even applied on projects that have gone awry. Studies show that every dollar spent on partnering is repaid with an average of $100 dollars in savings. 


This robust seminar will cover the elements of the Partnering Model, its benefits, and when and how to best use it. You will learn the skills necessary to function as a collaborative, high-performing team that produces excellent results each and every time. Together, we will focus on creating a collaborative team environment, and the critical art of collaborative partnering in a construction environment.  

The program begins with an exercise providing a real-world experience in collaboration and consensus-based team decision making. The Partnering "How to" segment follows. 

Lean IPD Leads the way.

Lean IPD is a website, with the best general energy and the specific information or the future of the construction industry.  The site is the home for the following authors and leading thinkers about where our industry is going.  

Lean Integrated Project Delivery combines lean management principles with a collaborative, aligned team and contract structure to improve the outcomes of construction projects.

Many parts and pieces of this revolutionary method of constructing projects are captured by the Lean IPD site, including small projects.  The simple small projects, $5 million and under aren't encouraged to spend the time to develop a Lean IPD project.  Three case studies are shown to underline this recommendation.  

Author's Notes about the Origin of Coop Constr.

This general concept of Cooperation being a new organizing principle for construction or other large projects, was developed while I was a Masters Candidate in Architecture at CalPoly San Luis Obispo, in 2012 through 2014.  I discovered that Cooperation was an organizing concept for certain set of new school projects built in California in the period. 

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Leadership -or- The Generals rev.2

Well, most of us have seen leadership in a construction team. There's no mistaking it.  Many times it seems that everything goes wrong, yet the project seems to get done on budget and in time.  When this happens, it  is easy to see the leadership process circle around many times.  We've also seen prjects where the leadership had to change to get the project done.  Oddly, that is the process that brought John Marshall highly honors.  He would replace Generals until he found someone like Eisenhower.  Of course we don't have this luxury but we aren't trying to win the largest fight in human history, we are just trying to build a strip mall in Syracuse in the winter.  

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Cooperation, Its Many Meanings.

“Cooperation” in this book means coordination, collaboration and knowledge integration.  We use all these meanings. This book proposes an ethos of cooperation.  Such an ethos is guided by taking action in one’s own best interests and in the best interests of the project as a whole.  Cooperation means cooperation in its widest possible meaning. 

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Cooperation in Basketball is Called Teamwork

Dennis Manoloff, Cleveland Plain Dealer saw the NBA finals this year as a matchup of team approaches.  

Looks deceive: The Cavs trailed at halftime of Game 6 by just two, 45-43, but they were living dangerously.

The Warriors had 16 assists and six turnovers and enjoyed a +12 at the 3-point line. The Cavs had five assists and 13 turnovers, the latter costing them 19 points.

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