Topping Out

You've been to these parties.  The steel frame went flying up in just a few weeks,  Extra hydro cranes were on site and the tower crane was running all day.  Then, the last piece of steel went up and if it was near Christmas, maybe someone tied a small tree to the top beam.  Your Topping Out party probably started at about 4 pm. It might have been held in a part of the building that was partly completed or even in the parking lot.  

Everyone was there, many faces that you don't know.  For me, these parties were never terribly comfortable, but there were always one or more friendly faces in the crowd.  

It is an approach to how you approach your project that I am trying to examine here.  A cooperative approach isn't all meetings.  It is experiencing the boat that we are all in together.  I'm sure that you have a story where a positive event happened.  It might be that the day that the erection program finished a day early,  Share with us a story about a social connection that happened on your job site, I'm sure we all would like to hear about it.