The Idea of Cooperation Explained by World's Leading Expert

Not to over-state things, but there is one guy, Richard Sennett, who has thought more about cooperation than anyone else in shoes.  He has a trilogy called The Architecture of Cooperation.  This is also the title of a long (over and hour) UTube video,  that covers all of this fellow's work in the Trilogy and much more.  The video is from 2012, a lecture at Harvard School of Design.  

When one steps back from Sennett's work, it all seems obvious.  Each little piece seems like common sense: Of course, I feel that way!  It is when all the pieces of cooperation that we all know are assembled together, we see that the structure of society and the construction industry has a long way to go.  

Please enjoy this UTube presentation of Richard Sennett, the Loeb Senior Fellow at Harvard School of Design: