Lean IPD Leads the way.

Lean IPD is a website, https://leanipd.com/ with the best general energy and the specific information or the future of the construction industry.  The site is the home for the following authors and leading thinkers about where our industry is going.  

Lean Integrated Project Delivery combines lean management principles with a collaborative, aligned team and contract structure to improve the outcomes of construction projects.
— LeanIPD.com

Many parts and pieces of this revolutionary method of constructing projects are captured by the Lean IPD site, including small projects.  https://leanipd.com/integrated-project-delivery/ipd-for-small-projects-case-study/.  The simple small projects, $5 million and under aren't encouraged to spend the time to develop a Lean IPD project.  Three case studies are shown to underline this recommendation.