What is a novice blogger to do?

I was worried when I started this blog that I would run out of stuff. Quickly. Well, now two years later, I have more than I can handle. You may have noticed that there haven’t been very many posts in the last eight months. That is due to my having too many angles to choose from.

The construction world is moving toward significant improvements in the areas of my concern. Lean Construction is growing quickly. Articles and seminars about coordination, collaboration and cooperation are growing as well. National attention has angled over to politics and I am as susceptible as anyone. I must admit that I am absorbed by the grotesque behavior of our elected officials.

I blogged in October 2016 about how I felt the election campaigns were slinging a particular kind of mud at each other and neither campaign was successfully defending itself adequately or even taking a position that mud is bad. There were accusations that the Democratic candidate was misbehaving with the management of classified material. There were many accusations against the Republican candidate but one stood out. The defaulted payment to a piano supplier for a casino. The piano dealer was paid eventually 70 cents on the dollar for a hundred thousand dollar contract, flawlessly performed.

Both candidates threw the mud of poor business practices but the piano story kept me up at night. J. Michael Diehl of the Freehold Music Store of Freehold N.J. reported the extortion that made it all the way to the September 25, 2016 Presidential Debate. The Republican candidate reported, “Maybe he didn’t do a good job and I was unsatisfied with his work.” No, Mr. Diehl reports that the job was performed flawlessly.

I must drag myself away from this long train wreck and attend to my industry and the improvements needed. They seem to be humming along well and the next series of posts will be much more focussed, positive and informative about the reason that you came to a website named cooperative.construction.