A Cooperative Construction project will :

Reduce waste to a minimum. Time, money, materials goals: zero waste. 

Remove contention from the daily dialog. Hold cooperation as the goal.

Hold competition as a positive energy source.  Competes over efficiency.

 Provide all information to all appropriate parties.

Hold all parties harmless. Concludes disagreements in real time.

Enable all appropriate electronic information and communication.

Develop design in cooperation with all designers and builders.

Deliver cost modeling and budgeting at the outset of design.

Deliver the best value to the owner.

Provide financial information of principals to all principals.

So, there are two parts to this visionary project, this blog and then a book.  These entries in this blog are intended to engage the reader about these topics and gather comments for the production of the book.  The reader is hopefully motivated to help alter the course of arguably the largest industry in the country, the construction industry. 

We are a hugely consumptive industry.  And wasteful. The waste must stop. To accomplish this, it is a time for sea change in the way we do things.  I propose an evolution of the organizing principle of our industry in society.  We are not here just to make a living.  We are here to provide society with some of the largest products created by our species and do it mindfully while earning a living.  We actually know how to do this and it is happening in spots and spurts in various markets in various countries.  Now is the time to drastically reduce the waste of materials, time and money.  This blog and the upcoming book proposes that the best way to stop the waste is to make cooperation into the organizing principle of our industry.  There are specific ways to do this, they will all be discussed in detail.  

The fundamental vision of this project is to stop the waste.  Wasting money, resources, land and time.  At least reduce the waste down to near zero.  We will start with the low-hanging fruit in this endeavor, but it won’t stop with the easy improvements.  We must venture into the fundamental reasons why we, in the construction industry, actually do what we do.  We think we do it to make money, to make a good living.  However, that time has passed. We must dig, cut, pour, hammer, weld and paint for a higher purpose.  We must reduce waste in the provision of shelter for our species.  It will require elaborate cooperation to accomplish this lofty goal. 

So, welcome to the evolution of the construction industry.  This project encompasses a vision of the construction industry evolving from an Industrial Age industry to an Information Age industry.  We are struggling with it. We will examine the struggles, interview you, those who are actively managing projects now, propose improvements, track the processes underway and be a fair witness to our evolution.   

This effort will encompass about twenty different processes and procedures underway already, that will be the tools of the evolutionary change on our industry.  The book will also contain compelling proof of the underpinnings of the logic of the direction of change that is sweeping our industry.  I hope you will embrace the new ideas and partake in the evolution of our industry.  

The blogs and the book will display the importance of exchanging information, which will be the hallmark of our future as an industry.  Please join in at any time, please comment, add to or depart from any conclusions expressed here.  

The intent is to build a community dedicated to the smooth and positive evolution of the Construction Industry.  You probably love construction as much as I do or you wouldn't have read even this far.  I hope that over the process of this project, you will come to know my love of our industry that has given me so much over my 40-year career.